Hot melt adhesive machine safety issues during installation

- Apr 04, 2018 -

1. Make sure that the melter operates at the specified voltage. If the voltage used is different from that specified, the melter may be burned.

2. According to the load required by the hot melt machine and its peripheral equipment, check the power cord used, and whether the insulation protection is in compliance with the regulations. The load of the wire must be higher than the rated power of the hot melt machine.

3. When installing the melter, a correct and effective ground wire must be connected. Any equipment that uses high-voltage power needs a grounding wire. When no grounding wire is used, any insulating element on the hot- melt adhesive machine may still cause voltage conductors and cause electric shock.

4. Ensure that the voltage applied to the melter from the outside world is in accordance with the hot melt machine itself. For example, the hot melt machine equipment with single-phase 220v voltage standard can damage the hot melt machine spraying equipment when using 380V power supply, such as single-phase. 220v voltage standard hot-melt adhesives equipment if you use less than 220V power supply, can not achieve the device design performance, it may also damage the hot melt machine, wiring should ensure that the power cord is properly connected to the outside of the location of the breaker .

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