Main parameters for sofa fabric laminating machine

- Sep 18, 2018 -

Main parameters for sofa fabric laminating machine

Application and Features:

It adopts solvent based glue and transfer the solvent based glue onto the surface fabric in dot form.

The laminated products are water proof and breathable. It is widely used in sofa industry, garment industry. etc. It is widely used in garments, bag/luggage, shoe materials, sports products, medical products, dive equipment industry, and other industries.

Machine parameters:

Power supply/power              45KW
Heating roller                        1500mm/1800mm customized 
Working Width                      1800mm
Working speed                      0-45yards
Machine Size ( L*W*H)         1200mm*2400mm*2400mm
Weight                                   6800kg

Our factory has more than 15 years experience in manufacturing laminating machine.

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