Power saving dry type laminating machine features

- Sep 19, 2018 -

Power saving dry type laminating machine features


Laminating Machines in this series are suitable for composition of all kinds of materials in packing industry such as plastic-plastic, paper-plastic and aluminum-plastic compositions. 


2.Main Features:
1. Double frequency conversing synchronic timing is adopted for entry port of main machine, making more stable operation. 
2. Two means of glue applying, cobwebbing roll sizing and rubber roll gluing. 
3. Oil warming system for composite reel, constant temperature control 
4. Double reeling and double unreeling, tension magnetic powder for reeling and unreeling, photoelectric error correction for unreeling. 
5.4-sect heating in drying tunnel, possible to control temp erature by segments, initiative guiding roll in box.

We have more than 15years experience in manufacturing laminating machines.


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