The daily maintenance points of the cutting machine

- Apr 04, 2018 -

First, we must regularly clean and inspect electrical appliances to eliminate hidden dangers.

Second, the use of slitters is accomplished by slitters and cross cutters. Therefore, high-quality slitters and cross cutters must be used.

Third, the daily maintenance of the slitting machine should be in place. Its criterion is smooth, clean, liquidation (no dust, no debris) in place to ensure that the sliding parts of the equipment are in good condition.

The fourth is the maintenance work, which is to stop the regular and irregular inspection of the rotating parts (especially to stop the real-time monitoring of the wearing parts). Regular adjustments are made, regular changes are made, commutators are replaced, and detailed records are made in order to achieve the goal of extending the operational life of the equipment.

Fifth, improve the technical quality and degree of personnel operating the slitter, and control the local operations to be done by a specialist. No one is allowed to operate on his own without having promised.

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