The use of water glue machine

- Apr 04, 2018 -

Water glue machine is mainly used in the material of fabrics, fleece, cashmere, elastic fabric, non-woven fabric, wallpaper, leather, sponge, woven fabric, SPE, TPU, PU, PE, EVA, PVC and other materials. The compound is widely used in garments, automotive interiors, footwear, luggage, decoration, home textiles and other industries.

Features: The whole system adopts intelligent PLC computer program control, which is very simple and convenient to operate, greatly reducing the labor (4-5 people), reducing costs and improving work efficiency. It is one of the most advanced equipment on the market. The machine is equipped with automatic take-up, unwinding, film placement, film closing, automatic correction, compound drying, water cooling, automatic slitting and other units. The composite material has uniform coating, flat composite, no tensile deformation, and can not afford Foam, no wrinkle, soft, excellent air permeability, neatly rolled and so on.

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