Cutting Pressure Setting Of Cutting Machine

- Apr 04, 2018 -

1. After the tool setting work is completed, the material to be cut is placed on the backing plate, then the cutting tool is placed on the cut material, and then the feeding plate is pushed into the cutting work area.

2. Press the two work switches (green button) with both hands respectively. At this time, press the cutting plate down to press the knife mold. After cutting the material, the knife mold will automatically rise to the position before the start. (The cutting machine with pressure maintaining function Delayed pressure after the lift).

3. When punching the material, if it is found that the material to be cut has not been fully cut, adjust the cutting depth controller and turn the "drilling depth" knob clockwise; if the cutter die is pressed into the pad too deep, then "cutting The depth knob rotates counterclockwise. The larger the knob rotation, the deeper the cutting depth, and slowly increase the rotation, trying to adjust until the die is pressed slightly into the pad.

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