Hot Melt Adhesive Machine Safety During Daily Operation

- Apr 04, 2018 -

1. The amount of refill must not exceed 80% of the total volume of the hot melt pot.

2. Do not operate the melter at ambient temperatures below 0°C and temperatures above 50°C.

3. Avoid operating hot melt applicators around volatile and explosive materials or gases. Inflammable and explosive materials cannot be stored around hot melt applicators.

4. When adding the hot melt adhesive, it should be added before at least one third of the hot melt adhesive in the hot melt adhesive pan to avoid adding hot glue when there is no hot melt adhesive and affect normal production.

5. Do not operate the melter without a suitable protective device, a good insulator, or a good protective panel. Only trained personnel are allowed to dismantle it for maintenance.

6. Use as fast as possible in the case of no fast-flowing air, because when the hot-melt adhesive nozzle assembly is exposed to fast-flowing air, the rapid cooling will affect the flow of hot-melt adhesive of the nozzle combination, and it is easy to generate wire-drawing phenomenon.

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