What Are The Scope Of Use Of The Slitter?

- Apr 04, 2018 -

The most common use of slitting machines is the slitting of paper strips. Such paper slitting is most common in the market and many merchants also use them regularly. It is mainly to cut the material of a wide roll horizontally or longitudinally to make it become a product of equal area and uniform size. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for the production of mica tapes, paper, insulators and films and related materials. Can the industry in the field use the slitter? The use of paper mills, printing plants, and packaging plants is indispensable.

Slitter is a kind of machine equipment that can be operated at a high speed. Its operating speed can reach more than 300 meters per minute. Therefore, before using the equipment, we must carefully inspect the machine to see whether the parts are damaged. In the presence of electricity, the machine can operate (whether the power supply is energized). In addition, it should be noted that during operation, it relies on the conversion of single and double blades to perform operations. Since the requirements for the blades are relatively high, the blades must be inspected before the operation of the machinery and equipment. If these checks are of no problem , it can be produced.

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